water surface in javascript and canvas

water surface in javascript and canvas

  We were talking about physics libraries and water and performance at work, I decided to mess around with that. I have a single target point that oscillates with increasing velocity, then it dampens back down. The points to the right of the target point all tie into their previous partner’s position at a consistent […]

privacy vs. being private

(These are a few posts from my tumblr about the timeline project – moving them over here so they’re all in the same place. Some of these are WIP that never P’ed) Privacy examples: Bronk targeted his victims by searching Facebook for women who posted both their e-mail addresses and also personal information such […]

Fish Feeder - Arduino

Fish Feeder – Arduino

We were catching an early flight to go skiing last weekend – at midnight i remembered that Leo, H’s fish, was not accounted for while we were going to be gone. In the past we’ve had neighbors watch his forefather(fish died) and then had friends, but that was awkward and I 1.didn’t want to have […]

macro photos

macro photos

i posted about the microscopic photography i saw at Maker Faire a couple years ago here by Rich Gibson. I saw him there again this year and spoke with him about his process. He’s developed a complex and detailed process that requires his own hardware, with hundreds and hundreds of images that are focus-stacked and […]


twitter graph: what time of day do people tweet

Did the same thing as last post but instead of graphing length of tweets i graphed time of day. note that these are all corrected for PST, which is like GMT-7 so you’ll have to deal with it.      


twitter graph

Inspired by Jer Thorp talking about ‘letting data tell a story’. Did a quick visualization of some twitter data: i tried to graph the average length of users’ tweets. max characters are 140, so i spread that around in a circle. pulled in the latest 200 tweets per user, that’s all you get without authentication. […]

nav - greg

nav – greg

this is a nav i built out for my buddy greg for his paintings. the idea was to show detail thumbnails, and then be able to view more detail as you interact with the thumbnails without having to click and load any more info. the images are really large so that they can fill the […]

cool nav idea - aubs

cool nav idea – aubs

this is just an idea for a nav that i tried to make cool; the idea is a vertical set of images that each get a piece of the available vertical space based on the ratio of images to browser height. my photo-friend aubrey did this cool series of images so i was going to […]



this was a project i did in the summer of 2004; i just got this lg phone that was so amazing it had a cameraphone! I got the phone and quickly realized i didn’t use the camera very much. in an effort to use it more i made this site. it’s still live here