Our Multiple Online Personalities

(These are a few posts from my tumblr about the timeline project – moving them over here so they’re all in the same place. Some of these are WIP that never P’ed.)


Most all of us are not always the same person:
I walk around comfortably in my underwear at home, but I would never do that at work; I do it at the doctor’s office but it’s not comfortable then.
I say bad swears with my college buddies and I talk differently when I’m helping the Boy Scout troop each week.
I am quieter and more serious around my grandmother than I am when I’m with a buddy at a concert.

Our current online presence does not allow us to be different people. We get one list of Google search results. We get one status update. We get one list of photos. There’s an unmeasured correlation between the number of fb friends a person has and the subdued tone of their status updates.

People speculate that potential employers will find unflattering photos, but will not be judgmental because they have their own embarrassing pics; while this is true to an extent, there will always be a need to present yourself differently to other people.

Just this week Google Plus launched, with one of it’s biggest strengths being a solution for this; we’ll see how it pans out.

The ability to define yourself differently to different people from one medium is definitely lacking currently online, and will definitely be a necessary part of the future of our online selves.

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