Logging Measurable Life Events

(These are a few posts from my tumblr about the timeline project – moving them over here so they’re all in the same place. Some of these are WIP that never P’ed.)


When recording measurable experiences in our life, we can categorize events in at least one of three ways:

  1. Events in Time
    The day you graduated. The day your mom died. The day you got married.
    These are points in time that are what we consider events or happenings.
  2. Events that Span Time
    The time you spent living in Hawaii. The week you spent in jail. The job you worked at for three years.
    These are events that series of events that are measured not as a moment but more as a period or era within our lives.
  3. Parameters that Change Over Time
    Your weight. Your age. Your net worth. The number of children you have. Quantitative measurements that are often intertwined with or supplement the two previous event types.
    Additionally this type of measurement can be qualitative, i.e. general happiness, relative quality of life, etc but measuring this way often ends up being subjective and difficult to objectively measure.
    This type is not an event type, but rather is supplemental in tying the previous two types together.

The process of recording events clinically in this way at first seems unrelated to the emotional stories often told in diaries, but if you were to strip down someone’s biography or journal you could very clearly gather all of the above. Furthermore, without these measurements in a journal the emotional stories would lose their context and become meaningless.



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