Analyzing a Friendship: Part 1

(These are a few posts from my tumblr about the timeline project – moving them over here so they’re all in the same place. Some of these are WIP that never P’ed.)

You have a limited number of relationships/friends in your life.

At its core, a relationship is based on two things:

  1. shared experiences
    you can’t be BFF’s without having spent some time together and without having shared some experiences together.
  2. understanding(gives context which equals empathy)
    when you learn about someone you understand their background more, which gives context into their life; you understand who they are and whythey are who they are.
    This is basic factual storytelling; when your friend shares a story with you, you learn about them by their inflections, personality traits etc that come out in the story. But you also learn facts about them within the story; where they grew up, that they can’t swim, etc.

    This is the necessary part of a friendship that Contxt aims to accelerate and improve.

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