Adding a Third Dimension to Your Online Presence

(These are a few posts from my tumblr about the timeline project – moving them over here so they’re all in the same place. Some of these are WIP that never P’ed. NOTE: this was written before FB Timeline so in that context it makes more sense…)

I love facebook(insert twitter/linkedin etc). I use it daily as a tool to keep connected to the people in my life. I use it to keep up with my siblings as well as more distant relatives; I keep tabs on coworkers past and present; I stay connected to people I’ve met from around the world by viewing their profiles on this social-media platform. Likewise, when I want to share what’s happening in my life I update my profile as an attempt to communicate and keep in touch with these people.

One drawback to the current state of one’s online presence is the lack of dimensionality; my current facebook profile tells you a bit about what i’m doing currently, the concert i’m attending this weekend, etc but doesn’t go much beyond that.

A profile consists of:

  • current photo
  • current age
  • current town
  • current job/school
  • current/recent checkins

etc but it’s really just a sliver of a representation of a person’s life.

The missing element from the online profile is time.
If you want to add dimension or depth to the profile you need to add TIME.

There are some attempts at adding time to the profile, such as:

  • photos grouped by event,
  • basic job history
  • limited school history
  • hometown
  • date of birth
  • add-ons, such as the ‘where i’ve been’ map

but not a ton beyond that.

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